The Executive Achievers Association (EAA) is a lead-generating organization of local businesses serving the Greater New Orleans community.

The EAA meets twice-a-month at 7 a.m. for an early 1-hour breakfast, ensuring the members retain critical time for their trade. Meeting topics include member and guest speakers, round-table discussions for improving business operations and intra-membership referrals. Owners and officers from all industries are welcome.


The mission of the EAA is to create business opportunities for our members through the exchange of leads, to provide dependable sources of products and services through our member companies, to convene, advise and counsel each other on important business topics and to develop the necessary communication skills to successfully operate and grow a small business.

how can eaa help you?

By joining EAA you become a member of a group of entrepreneurs and local business leaders, who help each other with not only referrals and contacts, but also provide a great resource for trade news and insights. Many of our members have been company owners for decades. Our young representatives bring fresh energy and ideas to the table and can inspire you to take your organization to new heights. Our outside speakers serve to inform us of events and changes in the economic environment of our community.

EAA members have enjoyed Pelicans basketball, a night at the Fair Grounds race track, the New Orleans Zephyrs with a crawfish boil, a golf outing, Christmas party, and a game night. We welcome family and friends to our extracurricular events, developing life-long friendships and quality partners in business. Come join a party and build your business with us.
— Randy Lovitt (Graystar Mortgage, LLC)

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